____puffy prickles
____it’s all the partying
____literally had burt hair
____apple jacks
____sesame street
____barney robots

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adventure monday (link)

____flash drives
____vhs tapes
____physical education


Adventure Monday is an eclipsing phantasy, from AM to PM the pH level remains acidic, a dejavuic reverie that you take through an empty Rain Forest Cafe, a deserted thrift store in the middle of a dessert like the one you ate last night or the taco joint down the street. Shaped by post­campist approaches to exploration, they sync their devices to any geolocation they step on, constructing a meta narrative with all the bars, no matter their wifi signal.

Paula Nacif - narrative

Kevin Carey - audio

Christine Janokowicz - visuals

* reoccuring realtime a/v performance collaboration spring 2015 *